*New Outlook Dental provides wonderful dental care.  Dr. Schulz is an awesome dentist who takes great care of his patients’ routine and preventative care and is also capable of performing very specialized, challenging procedures.  He designed, created, and fit me with a replacement porcelain crown in a few hours.  “The porcelain crown that Dr. Schulz created is beautiful and a perfect match.”  The original, which I got four years ago from another dentist in California, took a month.  He, his wife Penny, and the rest of their staff are not only very professional; they are extremely friendly and caring.  My husband and I have referred a number of people and they were all very impressed.  New Outlook Dental goes out of its way to work with their patients in aflexible way and to meet their needs in an individualized and extremely caring professional service.  I highly recommend New Outlook Dental.

Barbara Scott

*My experience with Dr. K. Schulz, was Excellent!!! From the moment I called the office.  Penny was so professional and intelligent with my insurance claim, she made it very easy for me.The back office staff were sweet, kind, and gentle with my procedure.  They answered all of my questions with intelligence and compassion.  Dr. K. Schulz was extremely professional and mademy experience fun!!!  What impressed me the most was how he was so kind and respectful not only myself, but with his staff!  I feel he is “The Best Dentist” Pueblo, CO has to offer… his perfectionist with his work… But very laid back and extremely cool…  I feel very fortunate to have Dr. K. Schulz as my dentist.  My smile is extremely important to me.  Dr. K. Schulz, is the only dentist I would ever trust for my cosmetic dental needs from now on.  The office is very beautiful, bright, and welcoming.  They all went out of their way to make me comfortable and happy.  Great dentist and staff!


*Dear Dr. Schulz,


I want to thank you for restoring my teeth.  For the first time in my memory my mouth feels healthy.  I never had a dentist who fixed my teeth so precisely or a dentist who is as dedicated to his work as you.  I would call you an artisan giving the attention of royalty to this retired teacher and once upon a time farm boy.  I would also like to commend all who work at your office for their smiles, kind words, and positive spirits.  It made it all a lot easier.Thank you!


To potential patients of Dr. Kyle Schulz,


Since I was a teen I have had extremely bad teeth.  When I came to Dr. Schulz I thought my teethwere beyond repair.  I dreaded gong to any dentist.  After three years of treatment which includeddental implants under the near perfectionist care of Dr. Schulz, I now have a smile to be proud ofand teeth that no longer hurt every time I eat.I am particularly impressed with the genuine care of his assistants and the gentleness of their hands; including the hygienists, who clean my teeth without making my mouth hurt for a week as if it were punishment for my poor hygiene habits as some other places did in the past.  I now much admit I enjoying going there.Right from the first time Dr. Schulz had to deaden an area, I knew I was in good hands.  My wifewill tell you how I hate shots but all I can say is wow, he does have a tender touch.  When a crown did not fit just right it was redone so it fit properly.  His attention to detail is unbelievable. As the old saying goes, “the proof is in the pudding,” one only has to look at my before and after pictures as proof.  Dr. Kyle Schulz did a wonderful job.  In my book, he is the ultimate professional. 

Gene Morenz

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*To my special friends and former professionals who would recognize excellence in another professional for your own care:


Often with your busy lives- you may not be receiving the best in dental care.  It is not widely known that Pueblo has someone who is a highly Colorado State- ranked Pueblo Dentist; and alsosomeone who shares his expertise by participating in major charitable services.  I have found to be the most exceptional dentist for the area.  (My personal experience will speak for my past tortures and incompetence with which I (and others I know) have endured).  To date: All the bad work I had, has now been corrected to perfection by Dr. Schulz.


It was not that he even called attention to the other dental work…  From my 1st visit! It was Dr. Schulz’ immediate attention to the pain; of a recently filled tooth where the old dentist had cracked the root (going to the dentist meant everything wasn’t done right the 1st time and you had to go back for more payments). At this point instead of going back to that dentist I went to Dr. Schulz.  He took a long time but saved the tooth. From the past “always have to go back dentist”; I had decay that was left beneath a crown! (Dr. Schulz fixed it in one hour and I came back in 3 hours for the cap that he made in his office! “Snap!” It went right in and is perfection.  All clearances perfection…No more decay! (I don’t know any other Pueblo dentists that have the equipment to maketheir own crowns either).


Because I feel the same about your professionalism I wanted you to know about Dr. Schulz!


Good wishes (I know he’s busy but if you have an immediate problem, let his receptionist know).


(P.S. If you would see my teeth… for a 74 year old… perfection… he even matched the cap to perfection in color that the “other” dentist had a VERY white one that was ugly and stood out).

*Dear Dr. Kyle and Penny,


What a pleasant and welcoming experience as a new patient to your practice!In the evolving world of CAD/CAM dentistry, I was delighted and impressed with the combination of artistry and robotic engineering that created a new Number 29.  In an Internet article on types of porcelain crowns, I think this quote applies to my experience, “the material selected is not as important as the quality of the ceramist creating the crown.”  The natural color integration, detail and fitting are superb, so I am quite pleased: thanks so much!I’ll continue to do my part to keep my teeth and gums healthy, and I’ll be back for periodic cleaning and assessment.  


With sincere appreciation ~

Bob Swope

*I don’t have any serious dental problems, probably because my father was a dentist and I’ve always received good dental care.  I’ve seen a lot of good dentists and a few really bad ones.  I’m careful where I go, and try to avoid the bad ones.  I know pretty much what to look for.


Dr. Kyle Schulz is an excellent dentist, and the New Outlook Dental Center is a very professionaloperation.  The center is situated in a fairly new building in the north part of Pueblo.  The office is nice and neat and very clean.  When I walk in the front door, I’m always warmly greeted and treated as a valued customer/patient.  I appreciate that.  The people at the front reception area andbusiness office always go out of their way to help patients and keep things running smoothly.  They do a great job!


I have received absolutely first class treatment from Dr. Schulz.  His work with dental restorations is as good as it gets.  He is careful and thorough and a very nice guy.  Several months ago, Dr. Schulz found a small oral cancer spot in my mouth.  I was sent immediately to an oral surgeon and it was removed.  It is no longer an issue.  However, if the cancer had not been found at an early stage, I think I would have had a serious problem.


That’s it.  I don’t write many reviews because a lot of medical and dental practitioners don’t provide really great care.  Dr. Kyle Schulz and the people who work at the New Outlook Dental Center do things right!

Richard Smith

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