Our Philosophy of Practice


We understand that choosing a new dentist and a dental health team can be a challenge, leaving you with some uncertain feelings.  We are writing this to welcome you and to share with you more specifically our beliefs and values that we practice.  Briefly stated our philosophy is this…


“Our desire is to help the people we serve achieve a higher level of health, self-esteem, and well being by enhancing their appearance, comfort and function of their health by providing dental care of the highest quality that they can accept consistent with their needs and values of health.”


In other words, our goal is to help you become as healthy as you want to be.  Instead of telling you how healthy you should be, we will help you understand the choices you have about your dental and physical health and let you make a free informed choice.


The goal of optimum dentistry is to help you keep all of your teeth for the rest of your life with good health, comfort and function while performing the least amount of dentistry in your lifetime to achieve this goal.  Our belief in the importance and uniqueness of each individual patient demands that we treat each patient individually.  Your physical and emotional health will always be the object of our prime concern.


Most patients expect that their dentist is a Master.  Mastery in dentistry begins with a careful examination and diagnosis and the development of a Master Plan to help us develop the health goals that we establish together.  You have unique dental needs, and we will analyze and address them objectively and honestly.  We will identify and carefully consider your feelings and preferences. In our practice we consider it far better to prevent disease than to simply treat them after they occur.  The success of our efforts is assured through proper examination and through goal setting to achieve a Master Plan.


Our pledge to you is accurately expressed in these carefully chosen words: Quality and Excellence.  We look upon you as a unique person of infinite worth, to yourself and to those wholove and need you.  We will affirm that worth through our care and concern.

"I've been going to Kyle's office for the last 3 years or more, after trying many other practices in the Pueblo area I did my research and found Kyle to be a perfect fit. Great technology, and the doc really cares about the patient. Amazing job staying ahead of the curve and experience is unmatched for this area. Down to earth and straight forward. Crowns stay in, amazing dentistry and perfectionist isn't even the word."

Ryan Ehlers

“All I can say is Wow!...My original Dentist closed shop so I decided to call New Outlook Dental Center...From the very first conversation with Penny I felt at ease...It even got better when Bonnie met me and showed me around the facility before even getting to work on my cleaning.....Before the cleaning she took all kinds of x-rays to make sure I was looked over thoroughly. I have never been so impressed with the way a patient is handled . I really thought they were going to wash and wax my truck while I had my teeth cleaned. Doctor Schulz met me before leaving to go over all the procedures we might need to do in the future. I cannot recommend New Outlook enough. The only problem I do have is there are not more business's run this way. If I had to have all my teeth pulled tomorrow I would show up happy and ready!...Tony Ferrara / Owner Happy Apple Farm.”

Tony Ferrara

"Great family practice. Quick and painless visit, Thanks Kyle!"

Brian Clince


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